Macro package on computer aided processing and technical documentation for modul-like exhibition stands


ExCAD for DataCADUsing ExCAD macro package give you a support for the whole procedure of planning and constructing exhibition stands. ExCAD works both Octanorm and Syma profile, or any other metal profile system and able to create detailed model, rendered picture and technical documentation in a very short time.


ExCAD runs in Datacad environment. By the system you can place almost all closing units of the stand model in a few steps and you can label the walls and filling components as well. The program automatically visualises the ground plan, the rotated view and creates consignation list of the model elements, which is also important.


The ExCAD information base (such as applied profiles, type of space plate and their features to visualize them) is extendable and maintenance-able as you wish. So if you want to add any other type of unit you can achieve it instantly without problem.


Choosing Profile

Click to enlargeThe desing procedure are supported by several component catalogues. The profile parameters (for instance length) are optional and anyone can generate them. Choosing profile is possible as well as from text list and visually.

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Wall types

Click to enlargeWalls are created by optional number of shims, bind and columns. Using wall object we can load and browse earlier created and stored wall types as well as with text list and visually.


Create Modell

Profiles and wall components enable you to assemble the stand structure within a few minutes. For this, at first you have to place the columns through the grid, than the wall components between the columns. If you use an existing assembling on our stand, the complete store, tee-kitchen appears in your plan, by a sole click.


If you want to place unique component in your plan, you can generate easily through the basic system and make it intelligent with the ExCAD tools in order to appear in the consignations and draws.



As the generated 3D modell includes all informations, correct and fast report can be obtained of the componens inserted in ExCAD drawing, by a sole click.

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The components inserted in the drawing are created as 3D objects. By a few steps we can generate 2D ground-plan. The drawing style can be adjustable and we can get the technical documentation easily.

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Stuktur spatial grid

Click to enlargeYou can create optional size and shape OCTANORM structure spatial grid model. The macro is able to generate 2D ground-plan on the basis of the 3D model.



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By DataCAD o2c render you can create photorealistic picture with shading, transparency, mirror effects and textures just in some clicks. Beyond planning, ExCAD is helpful to present your idea to your clients. Also the constructors will be able to read better the drawings.

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